Delivery – Daily Word Prompt

She is 91 years old. Luckily she is still able to walk, slowly, shuffling bent over her walker. When I rang the doorbell the door was locked, it took her nearly 5 minutes to walk from the den to answer it.

“I’m sorry honey, my daughter must have locked it when she left. I leave it unlocked because it takes so long to get here.” Her hands, twisted with arthritis, fumble with the latch.

“You’re looking beautiful today, Doris.” I smile and give her a hug, then place her hot meal wrapped in its plastic onto her walker tray.  Continue reading

Can I be Spicy? – WP Daily Word Prompt

I am a melancholy Pisces, a water sign. I swim in the cool aquamarine waters half in and half out of a dream. If a sparkle catches my grey eyes, I will swim closer, but slowly, because that’s how I am.

The other women, with loud voices and big hair, with wide eyes and bright lipstick, are they spicy? I think yes. They enter the room without looking around for approval. Dressed in low cut tops, with sharp red lacquered nails, they are not here to please you.  Continue reading

Ace of Wands: Tips for Creativity!

Ace of Wands

How do you express your creativity? Do you paint, or dance, or write? Do you help others organize themselves, or teach a language, or inspire others to take the next step towards their dreams?

The Ace of Wands is a strong creative force, and it shows that you are ready to let your enthusiasm and confidence grow. Even if you say you are not creative, that’s not true.

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4 of Swords: Tips to Prepare for the Week!


The Four of Swords card appears passive and relaxed. A warrior is lying with closed eyes, clasped hands, below a stained glass window. But notice the swords above him, and the one below. He is using this time to rest and prepare for the battle ahead, perhaps praying to his deity for guidance.

How can we also gather our strength, and be ready to face what the world has in store for us this week?


  1. Sit down! I know you are busy, but just go ahead and sit down, for at least 5 minutes. Take some deep breaths and remember that the world goes on, the sun rises and sets, and worrying about things only makes you get ulcers.
  2. Write down some of the battles you expect for this week. But no more than 5! They can be large issues like finding a job, or small ones like getting more vegetables into your diet this week.
  3. Now look at this list, and tell yourself, this is manageable! I can do this!
  4. Make plans, even write them down, of how to deal with each battle. And it doesn’t mean you have to WIN, just how to DEAL with them. How can you change your point of view or reaction?
  5. If you believe in a deity, pray to that deity for guidance. Or look to a trusted mentor, or just meditate and find inspiration within yourself.
  6. Now that you have your plans, treat yourself today! Watch a TV show you’ve been putting off, read a good book, or check out a new website or blog. Spend time with your friends/family! Rest and prepare for what’s tomorrow.
  7. Then: Kick Ass this Week!!