Photo Challenge: Elemental


My first view of Tide Pools in my life – at Yaquina Head in Oregon at the Pacific Coast. I got there at low tide, and was able to walk out quite a ways towards the waves. The tide pools never got old for me; I squatted down on the slimy seaweed-covered rocks and touched anemones and sea urchins (ouch!) all afternoon. 

The difference in textures was amazing, here where the elements of water, air, and earth meet.

The earth under my feet was covered in smooth, pale grey rocks, and let me tell you that was fun trying to get down the hill from the wooden steps!

The air was clean and crisp, to use a well-worn term. It smelled of salt water, and seals, and stinky seaweed. It was so clear but so very chilly, to me, having just arrived from the Southern U.S.A. And the wind just blew non stop. Glad I had brought a windbreaker.

The water was even colder than the air. Apparently people don’t really swim at the beach in Oregon. It’s different from the Southern coasts, which are like bathwater. And the water is such a magical shade of aquamarine, tipped with the white foam from the waves.

Also I am impressed with my Samsung S6 phone camera!

via Photo Challenge: Elemental


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