Ace of Wands: Tips for Creativity!

Ace of Wands

How do you express your creativity? Do you paint, or dance, or write? Do you help others organize themselves, or teach a language, or inspire others to take the next step towards their dreams?

The Ace of Wands is a strong creative force, and it shows that you are ready to let your enthusiasm and confidence grow. Even if you say you are not creative, that’s not true.

This year I have started journaling, and I express my creativity with colored pens, and stickers, and calendar pages. I know others that write fanfic or instructional information for making jewelry, or reading Tarot cards, or emptying the black tank of your RV! I know others that teach dance lessons, and groom pets, and solve problems at their business.

You don’t have to be the BEST at something, but DO your best effort. Let the Ace of Wands remind you that you have the courage within yourself, and you are your only obstacle. Maybe you were going to start a new business, or take a music class, or inspire others with spirituality.

The Ace of Wands shows a strong, straight tree, full of life as you can see from the fresh leaves and branches. Looking at this card, it is definitely not a weak symbol. This is confidence illustrated. Like Jack’s Beanstalk, the Ace of Wands is going straight to the clouds, towards the dreams and wishes you have. Don’t ignore this energy today. Embrace it, and let the fire fill you and motivate you to burn down the barriers in your mind!


  1. What do you ENJOY doing? What sparks your fire? Write these down!
  2. Now beside each one, write why you are NOT doing it. Is it a money problem? Or a time problem? Or motivation, perhaps?
  3. If it’s a money problem, try to think of ways you can get around that. Do you need to shuffle the money priorities in your life? If it’s a time problem, remember, don’t say “I don’t have time”, but say “I am not making this a priority”. Continue with each idea.
  4. What worries you about this? Do you feel like you are not good enough at these activities? Do you worry that people will not like your effort? Has someone made a negative comment to you in the past?
  5. Also think of words to describe yourself. I used to say, “I enjoy hiking, and being in nature, and reading.” Then I realized it had been months since I had done any of that! I had been caught up with work, and family issues, and put my own creativity and joy on the back burner. Write down how you would describe yourself, and think about when you last lived up to any of those words.
  6. Now Take Action! Let your creativity flow. Express yourself. Take one more step towards whatever dream or goal you have. Tomorrow is not guaranteed; We have to start today.

Good Luck and many Blessings!



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