Oracle card: Dog; do you have too many masters?


Do you feel pulled in many directions? Do you feel like you can’t please everyone and therefore you must not be good enough?

Today I decided to draw a quick oracle card for guidance instead of doing a full Tarot Reading. And this card is perfect for what I’ve been feeling! My troubles have been at work right now. I work full time in health care, and if that isn’t stressful enough, I’ve started a new job and they are undergoing an overhaul of administrative/management staff!

Like many of you, I consider myself a loyal person, and I try to please everyone and do a good job. However, constantly trying to live up to others’ expectations gives them control over you! You have just given away your own authority.

It is impossible to please everyone. We know that logically, but it’s hard to put into practice daily, especially when you are worried about the opinions of coworkers, managers, family members, and friends. But in trying to do so, we have put many leashes around our own necks and given the control to others.


  1. Sit quietly for a few moments and take inventory of your feelings. Are you stressed? Are there deadlines you are worried about, or actions you want to take but feel guilty because they might displease others?
  2. Think to yourself, what will actually happen if I take that action? What if I make the deadline, but it’s not my 110% best effort, only 90%? The answer probably is: not much. The people you are trying to please might feel their feathers ruffled, but life will go on!
  3. Tell yourself this: While I am worried about this problem, the person/organization I am trying to please are NOT thinking about this at all today. They are at home watching Orange is the New Black! I am making myself sick over nothing.
  4. Who has a leash around your neck? Are they “better” than you? If they have qualities that you perceive as “better”, for example, they make more money, they are more in touch with their spiritual side, they are good with technology, then you can look to them as teachers/mentors not as Masters.
  5. Wouldn’t it feel better to relax, and not feel pressured to jump through every hoop someone holds up? When we try to please everyone, we push ourselves until we become snappy, like a dog that has been harassed. Then we feel guilty about that! That’s no way to live.
  6. Now, it’s time to take off the leashes! Let Spirit/the Universe/God/Goddess/Allah be your Guide. Being loyal and hardworking does not mean you are less than anyone else, and doesn’t mean you have to serve someone with all your being.

This Oracle card is drawn from the deck “Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides” by Steven D. Farmer (


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