Daily Prompt: Casual

As this is my first Daily Prompt post, I will use this word in a selfish way. It describes several aspects of my life. My favorite synonyms are “occasional”, “erratic”, and “odd”. Some other synonyms are “spontaneous” and “serendipitous” but I find these words a bit too positive to describe me.

To use “casual” to write about me:

Yoga is beneficial to all humans in my opinion. Despite my belief in this, I am a casual practitioner. I actually haven’t been to a yoga class in a couple of months. Also I take a casual approach to other exercise, such as going to the gym. I do go 3-5 times a week, but for about 30-40 minutes only.

“Casual” describes my outlook on opening my mail. How old is that packet of unopened mail on the counter? Shrugs. Unfortunately, that outlook ushers me into being casual about paying my bills. Oops. Why not try auto pay from my bank account? Because I don’t trust the system.

And grocery shopping, that’s a casual activity for me. By casual I mean “erratic”. I’m not sure just when I’ve been last to the grocery. I found some leftover chili in the fridge last night, and that was fine with a cup of instant rice for dinner. Also there appears to be some Almond milk, frozen berries (from when??) and English muffins in the kitchen, so maybe I’ll have an “odd” lunch today.


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